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Panorama Revo

The new development in roller shutters technology

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The roller shutter system with tilting blinds


Functionality for more comfort, timeless design and innovative technology

With its innovative tilting blinds, the Panorama roller shutter system combines the benefits of classic roller shutters with the advantages of pure sun protection products. On request, it also offers the comfort of an insect screen integrated in the curtain. Due to the high-quality material used, the system is particularly weatherproof and durable and, due to its stability, also serves for safety.

Behang Panorama.jpg
Behang Panorama.jpg
Panorama safe
Behang Panorama Combi ST.jpg
Panorama Combi
ST and RG
Behang Alu ST.jpg
ST and RG

Roller shutter curtains

The roller shutter system Panorama is available in different types of curtains. The selection begins with the roller shutter curtain Panorama, where the tilting blinds are carried out over the maximum height. It goes via the Panorama Safe, which offers a particularly high level of security with the use of deep reinforced guide rails. And extends to the product variants Panorama Combi ST and Panorama Combi RG, in which the middle area with tilting blinds is combined at the top and bottom with closed curtain areas . Matching roller shutter curtains in a classic design are of course also available.

Prefabricated rollers shutters

The roller shutter system Panorama can be supplied beside single curtains also as prefabricated roller shutters. There is a choice of aluminum front-mounted shutters as well as EPS or PVC top-mounted shutters, which are available in standard designs.

Element AVB Detail.jpg
Aluminium front-
mounted shutters
Element HAS Detail.jpg
EPS top-
mounted shutters
Element KAS Detail.jpg
PVC top-
mounted shutters



The roller shutter system Panorama can be moved very comfortably using motor drives. Either classic switches or the most modern radio wall transmitters and radio hand-held transmitters can be used for operation. Control via smartphone and tablet and time and brightness-dependent automation are also possible. If the system is to be operated manually, belt or crank drives can be used.

Bedienung und Steuerung.jpg
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