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The innovative tilting binds

The patented function of the tilting blinds of the Panorama roller shutter system combines the benefits of classic roller shutters with the advantages of pure sun protection products.

The open blinds protect you from direct sunlight and reduce heating of the living rooms. At the same time, the Panorama offers you a high level of external transparency. The large light and air openings let indirect daylight in and allow a good air supply. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate.

When closed, the Panorama provides reliable protection against adverse weather conditions and has a heat-insulating effect. Complete privacy protection and a sound-absorbing effect ensure that your privacy remains undisturbed. Daylight can be largely darkened.


The roller shutter profiles of the Panorama are made of stable, extruded and powder-coated aluminium, which ensures durability and resistance to external influences. The Panorama Safe product variant has an extra high level of security.

Plus insect screen

The Panorama Plus product variant also offers the convenience of an insect screen integrated into the roller shutter curtain. So you can enjoy fresh air without hesitation.


Advantages of the

innovative tilting blinds

Benefits like a

classic roller shutter

01 Sonnenschutz.jpg
Sun protection

The tilting blinds provide protection against direct sunlight and reduces heating of the living rooms.

Thermal insulation

The closed curtain has a heat-insulating effect and reduces cooling of the living rooms.

02 Durchsicht.jpg

The open blinds allow high transparency, which maintains visual contact to the outside.

02 Witterungsschutz.jpg
Weather protection

The closed blinds protect against adverse weather conditions.

03 Tageslicht.jpg

The large light and air openings let in a lot of indirect daylight.

03 Sichtschutz.jpg
Visual protection

The closed blinds offer complete visual protection and prevent privacy.

04 Lufteinlass.jpg
Air supply

The large openings allow an adequate air supply to the interior.

Acustic insolation

The closed curtain contributes to noise insulation.

05 Insektenschutz.jpg
Insect protection

Insect protection can be integrated into the bars on request.

05 Sicherheit.jpg
(Standard or Safe)

Due to its stability, the curtain contributes to security.


Energy efficiency

The roller shutter system Panorama combines the function of an external sun protection with the heat-insulating effect of classic roller shutters. By saving energy in air conditioning in the hot season and saving heating in the cold season, this roller shutter system makes a particularly high contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings.

01 Sonnenschutz.jpg

Sun protection


Termal insulation


Note on blackout

Please note that the Panorama roller shutter system does not offer total blackout and that irregular light reflections can occur, especially in the area of the light and air openings, even when closed.

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