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Panorama Revo

The new development in roller shutters technology

New function for optimal sun protection in any position

Optimum sun protection

Panorama Revo is the newly developed roller shutter with tilting blinds, which comes out of the box with the blinds already open. The large opening angle allows an excellent view and plenty of indirect daylight to come inside. The Panorama Revo thus offers optimal sun protection in every position. When the end slat touches down, the blinds begin to close from bottom to top. This enables privacy in the lower area and the light and air inlet can be used at the top.


Thermal insulation and weather resistance

In the closed position, the Panorama Revo contributes to thermal insulation and provides complete privacy. The extruded and powder-coated aluminium profiles have high stability in the position when the blinds are tilted and closed. This ensures weather resistance and serves security.

Plus insect protection


The Panorama Revo Plus product variant also offers the convenience of an insect screen integrated in the roller shutter curtain. This is made of durable stainless steel mesh.


The Panorama Revo roller shutter system can be supplied as external rolling front-mounted roller shutters in standard designs and common box sizes. The curtains are available in the colors anthracite, natural, light gray and white. On the one hand, it can be operated manually, but the operation is particularly convenient with automatic drives and smart home systems, and solar solutions are also available.

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