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Roller shutter profiles with tilting blinds

The profiles of the Panorama roller shutter system consist of blinds and slats with large light and air openings. They are made from high quality extruded and powder coated aluminium. In the Panorama Plus product variant, an insect screen made of sturdy stainless steel mesh is integrated into the slats.

Technology profile closed.jpg

Profile with open blind

Technology profile open.jpg

Profile with closed blind

Patented function

The technology of the Panorama roller shutter system enables innovative tilting of the profiles. This works solely by gravity and thanks to a patented lever mechanism.
The upper profile presses on the one below and thereby opens the blind. When pulling up, the blind closes again.

Technology function.jpg
Technology function.jpg

Colours of curtain

There are six standard colors to choose from when designing the roller shutter curtains. For a larger number of curtains, a coating with RAL colors or other special colors is also possible according to your ideas.

Colours of curtain.jpg

Color design for prefabricated roller shutters

For all visible aluminum parts of prefabricated roller shutters such as boxes and guide rails, you can choose from several RAL colours and surfaces. In addition, other RAL colors and special colors are available to order. For boxes and guide rails made of PVC, a variety of decors are available in addition to white.

Operation of the roller shutter system

The Panorama roller shutter system can be opened and closed like conventional roller shutters. If the controls are moved beyond the closed position, the blinds of the Panorama profiles begin to tilt from the bottom up and expose the large light and air openings. In the opposite way, the roller shutter curtains can also be closed again or retracted completely.


half closed




half tilted blinds


complete tilted blinds

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